About us

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

The bread baking industry is changing all the time as more and more role players enter the market. What set the Fresh Bakery concept apart in this dynamic environment are their emphasis on freshness and quality and their exclusive focus on bread with a limited confectionary offering. The brand will establish their first store in South Africa in Alexandria, but will further develop their brand footprint by focusing on converting non-branded bakeries to the Fresh concept. Their main focus for development and growth will be in the rural areas. The first cross border store will be opened in Zambia, followed by Botswana.

By providing profitable and sustainable business opportunities in the FMCG sector, Fresh Bakery will become a leading role player in the bakery franchise sector. Brand founder and Managing Member Floors van Zyl has extensive experience in the bakery industry, having worked for the Butterfield Group for 12 years fulfilling the role of Financial and later Managing Director of the Group.

The concept under the spotlight

The Fresh Bakery concept will focus predominantly on the rural market where it will create opportunities for potential franchisees to bring hot fresh bread and other confectionary closer to their target market. The limited product offering ensures that the operation is easily managed.

Fresh Bakery outlets have a core product offering of fresh bread supplemented by a limited range of confectionary. Fresh Bakery outlets will serve the market that falls outside the business of supermarkets and other convenience stores. As a brand focused on development in the rural areas, their target market is LSM categories 1 to 5.

All proposed sites must be approved by the franchisor and subscribe to the requirements as stipulated by the franchisor.